Create a configuration list

A configuration list allows orgs to provide custom options within a request type. This feature helps Access Requests better meet the needs of a specific organization. For example, a team might create a configuration list that lists available laptop models. When a laptop request is made, the requester can select one of the available models as they make the request.

Start this task

  1. From the Access Requests Console, go to Settings > Configuration.
  2. Go to Configuration items.
  3. Click Create new list.
  4. In the Create new list window, configure the list settings.



    List Name

    Specify a name to identify the list.


    Specify one or more teams that can use this list.

  5. Add items to the list.
    1. Enter an item in the Item name field.
    2. Optional. Click Add item to add additional items.
  6. Click Create list.

The system creates the custom list. After the list is created, admins can update the list to add, remove, or reorder items.

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