Install and configure Epic Hyperspace in Okta

During this task administrators will:

  • Define the groups that will be authenticated by the Epic Hyperdrive application
  • Select authentication factors
  • Install the Epic Hyperspace application
  1. Define the groups that will be authenticated by the Epic Hyperdrive application:

    Newly created groups are intended for use with configured MFA factors.

    1. Sign in to your Okta tenant as an administrator.
    2. In the Admin Console, go to Directory >Groups.
    3. Click Add Group.
    4. Complete the fields in the Add group dialog and click Save.
    5. Add people to the group. See Users, groups, and profiles.
  2. Select authentication factors:
    1. Goto Security > Authenticators.
    2. From the Add Authenticator dialog, select an authenticator. For example Okta Verify.
    3. Configure factor specific settings as appropriate.
    4. Note: Okta recommends that at a Minimum Okta Verify be specified.

    5. Once added, some Authenticators may be further configured from the list of added Authenticators by clicking Actions > Edit.
  3. Install the Epic Hyperdrive application:
    1. Navigate to Applications > Applications.
    2. Enter "Epic Hyperspace EPCS (MFA)" in the search box and add the application.
    3. Select the General tab.
    4. Note the value of the Client ID and Client secret.
      If required, use the Edit button to change the Application label value.
      Use the Show button to display the hidden value of the Client secret.

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