Check Flow History

Check Flow History for a log of all of the times your flow has run in the past 30 days. You can sort the Flow History pane by completed flows and those still in progress.

You can enable the execution history of flows in one of two ways:

  • Check the Save all data checkbox in the Save dialog. This can be accessed when first saving the flow or by reopening the dialog by clicking the flow's name.

  • Click on the Enable Save Data link in the right pane of the Flow History page.

To stop saving Flow History for a flow, open the Save dialog, click the flow name, and clear the Save all data checkbox.

To clear data from a flow history, see Use the Clear All Data feature in Flow History.

When you select a record from Flow History, the full execution of the flow appears in the Workflows console.

  • The results, duration, and time of the flow are explained in the execution details window.
  • Input and output fields are populated, and the duration of time it took to successfully execute each card appears beneath a green check mark.
  • If the flow stopped, the card containing the invalid data is marked with an error.
  • If other applications supplied raw error details, that information is included for debugging purposes.
  • If you immediately triggered the flow after turning it on, you may not see it in flow History. Wait 60 seconds before you try it again.

Quick Search

Execution History allows you to perform a full-text search across all executions for a single flow. Searchable information includes data passed through any card, returned error text, card names, and input and output labels.

Workflows supports the following special characters:

Special character Behavior Example What will match Notes
+ Acts as the AND operator Workflows + Okta Workflows is an amazing product at Okta Spaces in phrases NOT enclosed in quotation marks are assumed to be AND searches.
| Acts as the OR operator Workflows | Okta

Workflows is an amazing product


Okta makes identity easy

* Acts as a wildcard Workfl* Workflows Partial matches are not included in the results unless the * is used.
“” Wraps several terms into a phrase “I love Workflows” I love Workflows
() Wraps a clause for precedence (Okta | Workflows) + love I love Okta or I love Workflows
~n Set fuzziness when used after a term Warkflews~n Workflows Where n equals a positive integer ≥ 0.
- Negates a term Workflows -Okta

I love Workflows


I love Okta Workflows

Execution Status Filter

Execution History allows you to filter the results by the status of a flow execution.

Status Notes
All Default.
Error Flow resulted in an error and didn’t complete successfully.
Success Flow completed successfully.
In Progress A flow hasn’t yet completed.
Throttled See Execution limits.

DateTime Range Filter

Execution History allows you to filter their results down to a single hour using the DateTime filter. The filter is hidden by default. You can view it by clicking the calendar icon in the right panel of the Execution History page.

You can set date and time independent of each other. The default shows all executions available up to the current day.

You can reset the filter by clicking the X next to the components.

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