Clear all saved data

You can delete all execution data collected for your flow. The Execution History page still displays the list of flow executions, showing the success or failure and the date and time of each execution. However, the data that passed through the flow is no longer available.

Start this task

At the top right of the Execution History page is an action button to Clear data.

  1. Click Clear data.

  2. In the Clear all data dialog, choose one of the options:

    • Clear all data and stop saving data for this flow

    • Clear all data but save all future data for this flow

  3. Click Clear data to remove all saved data and confirm your choice for future data retention. Or, if you decide to keep the saved data for this flow, click Cancel.

After you click Clear Data, Okta deletes all execution data previously collected for the flow.

For more information on saving data, see Save flow data.