Renew a certificate

Certificates expire after a pre-defined period of time. To minimize disruptions, Okta recommends renewing certificates before they expire.

  1. Open the Advanced Server Access dashboard.
  2. In the user menu, click Team Settings.
  3. Go to the Passwordless Certificates tab. 
  4. Clone an existing record.
    1. Identify the expiring certificate.
    2. Click gear icon > Clone.
    3. In the Create Certificate Signing Request window, enter a new name.
    4. Click Create Certificate Signing Request.
  5. Upload a new certificate.
    1. Identify the created certificate record.
    2. Click gear icon > Upload certificate.
    3. In the Upload Certificate window, click Browse files.
    4. In the file explorer window, locate the certificate file on your local device.
    5. In the Upload Certificate window, click Upload.