Configure IP addresses for Advanced Server Access cloud instances

When you deploy a server in Advanced Server Access, you must set the IP address that users should connect to. How you do this depends on the type of server you're deploying.

Configure IP address for on-premise, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure servers

For servers on these platforms, you must either explicitly configure the IP address or select the IP address by heuristic.

Configure IP address for Amazon Web Services servers

There are two ways to set the IP address of an Amazon Web Services server: by specifying values in the Advanced Server Access agent's configuration file, or allowing the agent to discover the address.

To configure the IP address of an AWS server, specify values for AccessAddress and AccessInterface in the agent's sftd.yaml configuration file. Depending on your configuration, you may only need to specify a value for one of the options.

If you don't set the IP address in the agent's configuration file, then the agent collects the Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) ID and any associated IP addresses and provides that information to the Advanced Server Access platform. This means that Advanced Server Access can use the VPC IP when an SSH/RDP hop to a target server occurs from an SSH bastion.

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