Configure SSH to use ProxyCommand in MobaXterm

Windows users can install MobaXterm, which provides a terminal for Windows that supports X11, tabbed SSH clients, and network tools. You can use ProxyCommand to have MobaXterm work with Advanced Server Access.

Before you begin

Start the procedure

To set up and configure SSH:

  1. Start a local terminal in MobaXterm. By default, this opens to your home directory (/home/mobaxterm).
  2. Output a list of the files and directories in your home directory by running the command ls -la. If the .ssh directory doesn't exist, create it by entering the command mkdir .ssh
  3. Create a new or edit an existing SSH configuration file by entering the following command: cat <<ADDTEXT >> .ssh/config.
    Note: ADDTEXT is a delimiter that's used to determine when to stop accepting input for the configuration file.
  4. Enter the following commands into the terminal:

    # To use ProxyCommand, add this configuration block to your $HOME/.ssh/config

    Match exec "/drives/c/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/Apps/ScaleFT/bin/sft.exe resolve -q %h"

        ProxyCommand "/drives/c/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/Apps/ScaleFT/bin/sft.exe" proxycommand %h

        UserKnownHostsFile /drives/c/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/Apps/ScaleFT/proxycommand_known_hosts


    Note: The preceding lines use /drives/c/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/Apps/ScaleFT/ as an example folder path. You may need to modify this path to match the location of the Advanced Server Access client on your system

  5. Save the configuration file.

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