Install the Advanced Server Access server agent on SuSE Linux

You need to download the Advanced Server Access server tools, import the Advanced Server Access repository signing key, and install the server tools to use the agent.

To download and install the agent:

  1. Add the Advanced Server Access yum repository:

    curl -C - | sudo tee /etc/zypp/repos.d/scaleft.repo

    Note: You can also download the latest package directly from:

  2. Import the repository signing key to your local keyring:

    sudo rpm --import

  3. Install the server tools package, which includes the agent:

    sudo zypper --non-interactive install scaleft-server-tools

    Note: Alternatively, you can use yast2 install (which has been deprecated) instead of using zypper:

    sudo yast2 -i /tmp/ scal

Automate agent installation

You can automatically install Advanced Server Access server tools on Linux servers running in AWS and other cloud environments by using a user data script, or by running a PowerShell command, either locally or remotely.

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