Advanced Server Access attributes

When deploying to new environments, many of the unique attributes for users within a team are generated by following specific predetermined parameters. But when deploying to already existing environments, administrators traditionally run into conflicts that occur when the original unique data for their users differs from the data of their new environments.

Advanced Server Access attributes are configuration settings that let you specify various characteristics of users and groups. Advanced Server Access lets administrators create, set, and reuse their users' attributes, allowing for full control of attributes within their teams and a much smoother deployment process with existing deployments. Unix and Windows server usernames, UIDs, and GIDs can all be seamlessly integrated into your Advanced Server Access environments.

Attributes provide two key benefits for managing users and groups:

  1. Attributes let you customize how Advanced Server Access synchronizes users and groups to your servers, allowing you to systematically manage infrastructure identity using Okta as your single source of truth.
  2. You can import existing configurations from systems outside of Okta into Okta Advanced Server Access by using custom attribute mappings.