Attribute conflicts

If you specify custom attributes for users or groups, duplicate attribute values can cause conflicts that can't be automatically resolved safely. For example, suppose there are two users on a project, AliceA and AliceB, that have the same team-level Unix username "alice". These users can't be synchronized to any project servers, because there can only be one instance of a username on a server. In such cases, Advanced Server Access can't determine which user should be synced unambiguously.

If a conflict can be resolved by preferring one user or group's project-level attribute over another's team-level attribute, then Advanced Server Access syncs the user or group with the preferred project-level attribute. Since the project-level setting is more specific, it is preferred over the team-level setting.

While two or more project-level attributes with the same value are not allowed, duplicate team attributes are permitted as they don't cause a conflict until the users or groups with the duplicate value are assigned to the same project.

To resolve a conflict in a project, edit the user or group attributes so that there are no duplicate attribute values.

View attribute conflicts

To view attribute conflicts for a project:

  1. Click Projects in the Advanced Server Access dashboard.
  2. Select the project to view conflicts for.
  3. Select the Users tab to view user attribute conflicts, or select the Groups tab to view group attribute conflicts.