Cloud servers

Teams can automatically enroll cloud servers into Advanced Server Access specified projects. This process is only available for Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) server instances.

Automatic enrollment is the best option if a team is adding a large number of servers from the same account or bucket into a single Advanced Server Access project. Automatic enrollment is not a good option for teams that need to manage bare metal or on-premises servers, or if specific cloud metadata is unavailable. In these situations, teams should use project enrollment tokens instead.

Advanced Server Access projects can have up to ten attached cloud accounts. To increase this limit, contact Okta Support.

AWS enrollment

AWS instances automatically enroll servers by using an AWS account to sync data from the EC2 Metadata Service.

GCP enrollment

GCP instances automatically enroll servers by using an enrollment-token. The enrollment token is either stored in a file on the instance or is contained in project metadata for the instance.

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