Enable session capture on a project

Teams can enable session capture for any projects connected to an Advanced Server Access gateway. During setup, you must specify gateway selectors to match the project to one or more gateways. These gateways are then used to record the session logs. See Session capture options.

To use session capture, users must install Advanced Server Access client 1.49.2 or later.

This feature must be enabled for your Okta org. To enable it, contact Okta Support.

New project

You can enable session capture when you create a new project configured to use gateways. See Create a project.

Existing project

  1. Click Projects.
  2. Click the gear gear icon beside the project and select Edit.
  3. Specify one or more gateway selectors, where each selector is a key-value pair (for example, environment:staging).
  4. Select Enable traffic forwarding.
  5. Select Record forwarded SSH sessions, Record forwarded RDP sessions, or both.
  6. Click Submit.

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