Create an Advanced Server Access gateway setup token

A setup token is a Base64 encoded object that includes metadata used to enroll the gateway into an Advanced Server Access team. To create an setup token for a project:

  1. Access the Advanced Server Access dashboard.
  2. Go to Gateways.
  3. Click View All Setup Tokens.
  4. Click Create Setup Token.
  5. Enter a description for the token.
  6. Specify labels to apply to gateways using this token. Labels control server access for a given project.
    1. Enter a label as a key-value pair (for example, environment:staging).
    2. Press the Tab or Enter key to finalize the label.
    3. Optional. Repeat this process to add additional labels.
    4. Click Submit to create the token.
    5. Click the clipboard clipboard icon to copy the token value.

Next steps