Deploy OVA to VMware vSphere/ESXi



To Deploy the Access Gateway OVA VMware vSphere/ESXI


Older versions of VMWare ESXi (before 6.5), vSphere, and vSphere Client don't support SHA-256OVF files.
To convert from SHA256 to SHA1

$ ovftool --shaAlgorithm=SHA1 /path/to/the/original/ova_file.ova /path/to/the/new/ova/file-SHA1.ova

  1. Download and install VMware vSphere Client from the ESXi/vSphere server.

  2. Open VMware vSphere Client.

  3. Enter the server name or IP address and credentials in the respective fields and click Login.


  4. In the vSphere Client window, select File > Deploy OVF Template.


  5. In the Deploy OVF Template window, click Browse.

  6. Select the Okta-Access Gateway OVA file, and click Open.


  7. Click Next.

  8. Review the template details provided, and click Next.

  9. When prompted to accept the Access Gateway License agreement, click Accept and then click Next.

  10. Enter a name for the Access Gateway template and click Next.


  11. On the next page, select a storage location and click Next.


  12. Select the appropriate disk format option based on your requirements and click Next.


  13. Click Finish.

    vSphere Client begins the deployment process.

  14. Click Close when the deployment is complete.

  15. In the vSphere Client window, click Inventory.


  16. Select the Virtual Machines tab to display the VMs that are currently deployed to the server.

  17. Select the Access Gateway VM and click Power On (symbolized by a play icon) in the toolbar.


  18. Right-click the VM and click Open Console to sign in to the VM.


Troubleshooting compatibility errors

On some versions of VMware EXSi, theAccess Gateway appliance doesn't start due to a compatibility error.

To correct the error:

  1. Open VMware vSphere Client.

  2. Enter the server name or IP address and credentials in the respective fields, and click Login.


  3. Navigate to the Okta-Access Gateway VM.

  4. Right-click the VM name and select Compatibility > Upgrade VM compatibility > Yes.
  5. In the Compatible with dialog box, select the default ( typically ESXi 6.5 and later).
  6. The VM should start normally.