Configure the Okta Template App and Okta Plugin Template App

Template apps allow you to create application integrations in real time on a running system.

To create custom apps, choose from these common Secure Web Authentication (SWA) template apps:

  • Template App: If the app supports authenticating through a form POST
  • Template Plugin App: If the app site has username, password, or submit button fields on the page
  • Template App 3 Fields: Similar to Template Plugin App. If an app page has other fields such as Company ID
  • Template 2 Page Plugin App: Also similar to the Template Plugin App. If the sign-in flow is spread over two separate pages. This template doesn't support Browser plugin auto-submit
  • Template Basic Auth App: If the app supports basic auth
  • Template Frame Plugin App: If the app supports iframes


  1. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.

  2. Click Browse App Catalog.
  3. Search for Template.
  4. From the search results, add the desired type of template app:

Known issue

The Template Plugin App can't work in cases where the app's login page redirects users back to the URL they came from, as this creates an infinite loop. The SWA application must redirect the user to the website's home page, not back to the login page. This means that the login page accepts the user's credentials, then redirect the user back to the Okta home page.

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