Skip importing groups during Office 365 user provisioning

While configuring the provisioning for Office 365, you can choose to skip importing user groups and group memberships into Okta. This allows you to focus initially on the user provisioning and take care of group assignments later in the deployment process. It is helpful if your organization has multiple Office 365 domains and tenants that need to be federated in Okta.

To skip the import:

  1. Go to the Office 365 AppProvisioningIntegration tab
  2. Uncheck the Import Groups option. The option is selected by default.
If "Import Groups" is What Happens
Selected Default option. All users and groups are imported into Okta.
Not selected Groups are not imported. Groups belonging to the domain and already imported in Okta are removed. All associated app assignment policies are lost. You can select the checkbox in future to import the groups in Okta.