Manage app integration assignments

To manage the users and groups already assigned to an app integration:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.

  2. Search for or scroll down to the app integration you want to manage.
  3. Click the individual app integration to view its settings page.
  4. Select the Assignments tab. The users and groups to whom the app integration is already assigned are displayed.

You can filter the display between Groups and Users by clicking the appropriate option in the Filters column.


If you enable provisioning for an app integration that already has users assigned to it, Okta doesn't automatically provision these existing users. These non-provisioned users are distinguished with a warning symbol. Click Provision Users to provision these users to the external application downstream.

To assign the app integration to new users or groups, click Assign, then select either Assign to People or Assign to Groups. Then click Assign from the list that appears. See Assign app integrations.

This panel also displays an error message if an assignment can't be completed. To edit an assignment, click the pencil icon next to the user or group name. To delete an assignment, click the X icon.

Custom attribute handling

Any custom attributes that are set up for an app integration contain a default mapping. You can override the default mapping for an individual by adding a value for the attribute or reset the custom value to the default value automatically.

The custom attribute must already be set up before you can use it with any mapping. See Add custom attributes to apps, directories, and identity providers.

For example, within an app integration, you can set up a custom attribute called Nickname that is mapped by default to the Firstname field. For a user assigned to an app integration, you can enter a nickname or, if desired, reset the nickname to use the default Firstname value.

To set the custom value, assign the individual to the app integration or edit an assigned user. In the edit panel, all custom variables appear but no value is displayed.

  • To keep the default value, no action is necessary.
  • To add a custom value, enter the value and click Save.
  • To reset a custom value to the default value, click the reset icon below the value. The calculated default value for that user is displayed. Click Save to confirm your changes.