Validate the agentless Desktop Single Sign-on configuration

After configuring agentless DSSO, you can verify that everything is correctly configured.

  1. Sign in to a domain-joined, on-network device that is joined to the Active Directory environment on which you have enabled agentless DSSO. Ensure that you're logged in as a user that is already active in Okta.
  2. Add your Okta environment to your local intranet settings:
    1. In a browser, open OptionsSecurity.
    2. Click Local IntranetSitesAdvanced and add the URL for your Okta org. For example, https://<myorg>
    3. Click Close and OK on the other configuration options.
  3. On a Windows machine, sign in to your Okta org. If agentless DSSO is configured correctly, you're automatically redirected to your End-User Dashboard without entering any credentials.
  4. Verify in the System Log that the user authenticated through agentless DSSO. In your Okta org, you see an entry for Agentless DSSO Auth success with no entries referring to an on-premises IWA server.

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