Okta Verify

Okta Verify is a multifactor authentication (MFA) app that allows users to confirm their identity when they sign in to their Okta account or access Okta-protected resources. Users can also set up Okta Verify as a third-party authenticator for accessing sites that require multifactor authentication such as GitHub, Facebook, or Google.

To use Okta Verify, you must first enable and configure it for your org. Then, users must install the Okta Verify app on their devices and set it up. When users sign in to Okta, they can verify their identity by approving a push notification in the app, or by entering a one-time code provided by the app into Okta.

Are you an end user and want to set up and use Okta Verify? See Okta Verify for end users.

Enable and configure Okta Verify



Performed by

  1. Configure Okta Verify.

Use multifactor policies to enable Okta Verify at an org or group level. If your org supports Push Notification, enable Okta Verify with Push as a primary MFA factor to enhance org and end-user security.


  1. Configure Risk scoring.

When enabled, the Risk Scoring engine assesses sign-in attempts against a number of criteria and assigns a risk level to each one. These assignments can be used for dynamic responses in your enrollment and sign-in policies.


  1. Install Okta Verify.

The user signs in to their Okta org and is prompted to enroll with Okta Verify. They enroll their device, choose push notification or verification code, and complete their authentication.

End user

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