Upgrade Okta Provisioning Agent

Upgrade the Okta Provisioning Agent to get the latest features and functionality. During an upgrade, the service is stopped if it's running and it isn't automatically started after an upgrade. The upgrade echoes the exact command needed to start the service.


  1. Sign in as root to your server.
  2. Copy OktaProvisioningAgent*.rpm to a scratch directory, and then cd to that directory.
  3. Determine if there's a previous version of the Okta Provisioning Agent on your server by entering the following command:
  4. rpm -q OktaProvisioningAgent

    If the agent is present on the server, the command returns its name and version.

  5. Use yum to upgrade the existing provisioning agent by entering the following command:
  6. yum localupdate <package name>

    For example, yum localupdate OktaProvisioningAgent*.rpm

  7. To restart your Okta Provisioning Agent, enter the following command:
  8. service OktaProvisioningAgent start

  9. To confirm that the Okta Provisioning Agent is running, enter the following command:
  10. service OktaProvisioningAgent status

The process automatically restarts after the upgrade is complete.


See Install the Okta Provisioning Agent. You don't have to uninstall the previous Okta Provisioning Agent. Installing a new Okta Provisioning Agent replaces the previous version.