Provisioning Integration Error Events

This topic provides a list of possible System Log error events that can occur related to provisioning integrations. For each application, the types of events are listed following the Event Type Descriptions table.

Event Type Descriptions

In order to understand what each event means, consult the following table:

Event Description
application.configuration.import_schema Error downloading application schema during provisioning setup
application.configuration.update Error updating OIN application configuration in Okta. Typically caused by incorrect credentials or other configuration error on the provisioning tab
application.integration.authentication_failure OIN application failed to authenticate to the third-party API. Typically this is incorrect username or password or expired credentials
application.integration.general_failure General error not covered by other cases
application.integration.rate_limit_exceeded OIN application has exceeded the rate limits imposed by third-party API (such as Box user provisioning API) Error creating group Error downloading all groups Error removing group Error updating group Error determining if a group exists
application.provision.group_membership.add Error adding group membership
application.provision.group_membership.import Error downloading all group memberships
application.provision.group_membership.remove Error removing group membership
application.provision.user.deactivate Error deactivating user
application.provision.user.import Error downloading all users
application.provision.user.import_profile Error downloading user
application.provision.user.password Error pushing user password
application.provision.user.push Error creating a new user
application.provision.user.push_profile Error updating user
application.provision.user.reactivate Error reactivating a user
application.provision.user.verify_exists Error determining if a user exists

Event Type by Application

For each application, the types of events are listed. Click on the application name to display event types: