Admin Console search

Use the Admin Console spotlight search to quickly find users, groups, and apps.


Only admins who have permissions can see the Search bar in the Admin Console.

You can search for apps by name, groups by group name, and users by username. Search results are limited to the users, groups, and apps that your admin permissions allow you to view. For example, help desk admins can't see any app results. Group admins can only see users in the groups that they manage.

  1. On any page in the Admin Console, click the Search field. Or, use the keyboard shortcut Control + Space.
  2. Enter any of the following search criteria:
    • Username
    • Group name
    • App name

    You can also search using email address. Additionally, you can view the user’s status in the search result when you search by username and email address.

  3. Select one of the search results to go directly to the user profile, group profile, or app page.
  4. Note.

    The top search results are displayed by default. You can use the People, Apps, and Groups tabs to filter the results.

  5. To see more than the 10 displayed results, refine your search.