Use standard roles

While the standard role functionality is the same as earlier, the UI is different. We recommend that you choose the admin component as a starting point to create a standard admin role assignment.

To use standard roles from the Administrators page:

  1. In the Admin Console, go to SecurityAdministrators.
  2. Go to the Roles tab. The Roles tab displays a list of previously created standard and custom roles.

  3. Filter by the Standard role type. You can assign both custom and standard role types to your users and user groups. The permissions of each assigned role are additive.

To manage standard role assignments of a user or a group, navigate to the user's profile page or to the group’s page respectively and select the Admins tab.

You can constrain:

  • You can constrain group admin, help desk admin, and group membership admin role assignments to everyone or a subset of groups.

  • You can constrain an app admin to all apps, app types, and app instances.