About HealthInsight

HealthInsight audits an org's security settings and suggests tasks that improve security posture. Admins can do the following tasks, depending on their role:

  • View a list of complete, incomplete, or dismissed tasks.
  • Review detailed recommendations from Okta based on the org’s current security settings.
  • Go directly to security settings to update the configuration.
  • Dismiss tasks so they don't appear incomplete.

Tasks are automatically marked as complete by HealthInsight when admins have addressed them in the Admin Console.

Access HealthInsight

You can access HealthInsight from these locations:

  • The HealthInsight link in the Admin Console.
  • In the Admin Console, go to SecurityHealthInsight.

HealthInsight admin roles and permissions

Admin permission

Super admin

Org admin

Read-only admin

View HealthInsight status
Dismiss security tasks and recommendations

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