Add metadata for an Identity Provider

You can update information for an existing Identity Provider (IdP) by clicking Add Identity Provider and selecting the pencil icon. Enter the logon URL and issuer that was provided by the IdP, as described in Add a SAML Identity Provider.

If prompted by the Security Provider to provide the IDP.XML file, you can get this information from the partially configured app. The metadata is dynamically generated at app creation.

Before you begin

Complete the task Add a SAML Identity Provider.

Start this task

  1. Add a SAML Template App to your org.
  2. In General Settings, enter all of the information that you have, and then click Next. If you don't have a value for the field yet, type PLACEHOLDER.
  3. Do not assign the app to any users. Click Next.
  4. Click Done.
  5. On the Sign On tab, go to the Settings section. Under the SAML 2.0 checkbox, click SAML 2.0 setup instructions for Template SAML 2.0 App.
  6. Note

    This information is dynamically generated. If you provide this metadata to your SP, you must use this template app to perform your integration. If testing requires to make a new app, you need to provide the newly generated metadata to the SP again.

On the new page, scroll to the Configuration Data section. Block 1-3 contains the information that is required to configure the SP Endpoint. To save this information as an XML file, use the IdP metadata in block 4.

Next steps

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