Modify routing rules

Use the Routing Rules tab to deactivate or delete rules, edit their conditions, or change the order in which they're evaluated. You can modify any routing rule except for the default.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Security > Identity Providers.
  2. Click the Routing Rules tab.
  3. To change a rule's priority, hover over the area to the left of its number. Drag it into the order you want.
  4. To activate, deactivate, or delete a rule, click the rule name, and then click an action button on the right.
  5. To edit a rule, click the rule name, and then click Edit. Make the changes you want, and then click Update Rule.

Performance is affected by the number of rules that must be evaluated before a match is found. Consider moving your most frequently used rules to the top of the list.

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