Add IPs to a network zone from the System Log

Adding an IP address that appears in a System Log event to an existing network zone saves you time by eliminating the need to copy the IP address and navigate to the Network menu. You must have Super or Org admin permissions to perform the following task.

Add an IP address to a network zone while viewing the System Log

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Reports > System Log.
  2. Locate the event and IP address in the System Log.
  3. Click the More icon ( ) and Add to zone.
  4. In the Add to IP zone dialog, select the following:
    • Add to zone — Select the network zone to which to add the IP address.
    • IP type — Select from Proxy or Gateway.
  5. Click Save.

Whenever you edit a network zone, you need to wait approximately 60 seconds for the change to propagate across all servers and take effect.

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