Manage dashboard tabs for end users

This feature lets you add dashboard tabs for end users and choose the apps that appear on them. You can apply a managed dashboard to new, non-activated users or to all activated users.

You must be a super admin, org admin, or mobile admin to manage dashboard tabs.

Whenever you change a managed dashboard, inform your users of the new tabs.

You can't use this feature to assign or delete apps. For those operations, see Assign app integrations and Remove app integrations.

Apply a dashboard

  1. In the Admin Console, go to CustomizationsEnd-User Dashboard layout.

  2. Configure the dashboard. You can do any of the following:
    • Create a tab. Click the + sign, enter a name, and then click Save. Dashboards can have four tabs.
    • Rename a tab. Hover over a tab and click the pencil icon.
    • Add apps to tabs. Drag and drop apps to tabs or move apps within the current tab.
    • Delete a tab. Remove the apps from the tab, and then click Delete.
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Apply dashboard to all users: This option overrides users' current dashboard configurations. Notify users that their apps are moving to new locations and that their personal apps are consolidated onto a new tab titled My Apps. These changes can't be undone.
    • Apply dashboard to new users: With this option, newly activated users see the new tabs the first time they sign in to Okta. They can move apps between tabs, create their own tabs, and add personal apps.
  4. Optional. If you selected Apply dashboard to new users, you can then Activate user accounts.

A banner appears on user home pages when you customize their dashboard. Okta automatically sends a confirmation email with a unique ID if you apply a dashboard to all users. Okta Support uses this ID if you have issues with your apps.

Preview an end user's dashboard

The preview feature lets you see the org-managed apps on any user's tabs. You can't view self-service apps or personal tabs.

Be sure to apply your changes before using the preview feature. Draft changes are lost when you enter preview mode.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to CustomizationsEnd-User Dashboard layout.

  2. Click View a user's dashboard.
  3. Enter the user's name or select it from the list, and then click Preview.

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