OktaDevice Trust for macOS Registration Task Version History

This page lists the current and past versions of the Registration Task for OktaDevice Trust for macOS devices. This page is updated when a new version of the Task is released. You can download the Generally Available version of the Registration Task from the Downloads page of the OktaAdmin Console (SettingsDownloads).

For details about this device trust solution, see Enforce Okta Device Trust for Jamf Pro managed macOS devices.

Current GA Version


Current EA Version





This release includes changes to support crypto library updates.

GA: 2022.04.3


This release includes internal code refactoring.(OKTA-400244)

GA: 2021.07.0


This release includes the following:

  • (OKTA-397650)In previous versions, the Registration Task was based on Python 2.7. Beginning with 1.3.1, the Registration Task is based on Python 3. This supports macOS 10.15.xx (Catalina) and above.

  • Addresses the known issue of device enrollment failures.

GA: 2021.06.0


This release includes the following:

  • (OKTA-218817) was the EA ticket. GA ticket is OKTA-224302Previously, macOS prompted end users to reset the default keychain during Device Trust enrollment if the keychain was unavailable for some reason (corrupted or missing). Version 1.2.1 halts the enrollment process if the default keychain is unavailable and as a result, the user is not prompted to reset the keychain.
  • (OKTA-211782)In previous versions, the Registration Task update process unintentionally removed key material (client certificate, Okta keychain, keychain password) and the renewal task in cases when the update process itself failed for some reason, which un-enrolled currently-enrolled devices. Beginning with version 1.2.1, these items are no longer removed if the update process itself fails.
  • (OKTA-211492) Admins can now use the following query to determine the Registration Task version installed on the device.
  • python ~/Library/Okta/okta_device_trust.py version

EA: 2019.04.1 GA: 2019.0.6.0


This Generally Available release includes the following:

  • Slack is added to the default app allowlist.
  • The System Log now reports the DeviceDisplayName attribute in the DebugContext.
  • Improvements to the logs the Device Registration Task publishes to Jamf Pro during deployment.
  • Internal fixes and performance enhancements.



This first Early Access version provides several internal fixes and improvements.



First Beta version.