Org display language

For existing end users (activated)

Okta evaluates the following sources in order of priority to determine which supported language is displayed in their Okta Sign-In Widget and Okta End-User Dashboard.

  1. End user's Display Language setting. See Select your display language. Note the Display Language setting isn't set until the user chooses a language.
  2. Cookie that holds the web browser's current language setting.
    This is relevant in a shared-terminal scenario where multiple operators use the same browser. If the most-recently authenticated user configured a display language, then the browser uses the display language that they configured in their Okta End-User Dashboard > <username> > Settings > Display Language. The cookie captures the language setting.
  3. Language configured in the browser settings.
  4. The locale property value in the user's profile in Universal Directory. See Default profile properties.
  5. All users see the org-wide display language unless overridden by any of the preceding sources

For emails sent from Okta to a user, if the user hasn't selected a specific display language, the email language selection is determined by either of the following settings:

  • The user's locale property value (if specified)

  • The org's display language

For new end users (not activated)

The Welcome email that Okta sends to new end users is localized in the language in users' locale property (if specified) instead of the display language configured for your org.