About reviewing campaigns

Access certification campaign is a process that you can use to periodically review users' access to resources. A campaign becomes active on its scheduled start date and is marked as closed:

  • On the campaign’s scheduled end date; or

  • When an admin closes the campaign before the scheduled end date.

When a campaign is active, you can approve or revoke a user’s access to a resource. You can also reassign the review item to another reviewer if required. Your decisions on review items are final and can’t be changed after you submit them. Also, you can’t take any action after the campaign is marked as closed.

You can view previously completed campaigns that you reviewed from the Closed tab of the My reviews page.

In addition, if the campaign owner has set up email notifications, you may receive notifications when:

  • Review items are assigned to you.
  • You have pending review items and the campaign is about to close soon.
  • The campaign closes.

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