Export data from Access Requests

This page explains how admins can export data from OktaAccess Requests for use elsewhere. Exports can define the structure of Request Types, list data included within configuration lists, or outline any actions taken within individual requests. The system creates individual JSON files for each individual data source within the selected data type. This data can help orgs retain a clear record of request, actions, and what information Access Requests used during a request. Admins can only create exports from the Access Requests Console.

  1. From the Access Requests Console, go to SettingsExport.
  2. Click Create a new export.
  3. From the Export Data window, configure the export settings.
    Description Enter a description to identify the exported data.
    Data Type

    Select the type of data to include in the report. Available options include

    • Requests: Select to export the actions and results for every user request.
      Note: The exported data includes any files uploaded by users during a request.
    • Request Types: Select to export the structure, questions, tasks, and associated information of every active, deleted, or draft Request Type.
    • Config lists: Select to export a list of all data included within a configuration list.
    Date Range

    Specify a time period to include data from. Available options include:

    • Week to Date: Select to only include data created since the previous Monday.
    • Month to Date: Select to only include data created since the start of the current month.

    • Year to Date: Select to only include data created since the start of the current year.

    • Custom: Select to open a window and specify a custom date range within the last 365 days. The system includes data created within this range.

  4. Click Export.
    The system starts processing the export. Only five exports are processed at the same time; additional exports are processed in the order they are added.

  5. Identify the export listing and click Download.

Your device downloads a .zip file that contains separate files for each individual data source in JSON format. Admins can download an export for up to 30 days. Access Requests also sends an email that admins can use to download the export.