Features and Limitations

Okta Access Requests provides many benefits to more traditional request processes.

Benefit Description
Omnichannel support Submit access requests from the Access Requests web app, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

Eliminate context switching with secure access requests and accelerated access approvals across multiple channels.

Self-service automation Build and visualize automated, no-code workflows called request type.

Promote delegation and access with self-service to reduce time spent performing manual, repetitive tasks.

Shift responsibility and ownership of requesting services to the requester.

Provide an intuitive interface to trigger request type and gain faster access to critical data and resources.

Multi-step approvals Ensure that critical requests receive the necessary oversight and are thoroughly reviewed.

Simplify decision-making so stakeholders can give the go-ahead or rejection, on top of giving relevant context through comments.

Foster cross-team collaboration by assigning multiple approvals within a request type to various team members.

Conditional logic Create dynamic request types to guide users through different actions based on the needs of the request.

Hide information that’s irrelevant to streamline request resolution.

Set up logic using the workflow editor so that it’s easy to manage rules and view which fields and tasks are impacted.

Task assignment Manually and automatically designate users to view and interact with assigned tasks and approvals. If a user is out of office, they can delegate responsibilities to another user.
Business justification Capture and eventually report justifications for request approvals or denials.


There are several limits applicable to your organizations, request type, and requests. Refer to the following tables.


Limit Maximum
Users 100,000
Applications used by Access Requests


Groups used by Access Requests


Configuration lists 100
Items for a configuration list 1,000

Request Type

Limit Maximum
Active Request Type per organization 500
Tasks per Request Type 100
Fields per Request Type 100


Limit Maximum
Open or Pending requests per organization 10,000
Resolved requests per organization

Note: This only counts requests that are accessible within the application.

Tasks per request 100
Fields per request 100
Followers per request 100
Updates per request 500
Request list filter values 25