Group ownership

Use the Group ownership feature to assign specific Okta users as the owner of a group. You can configure group owners in Okta or import them from Active Directory.

The Group ownership feature is available only if you're subscribed to Okta Identity Governance.

When the group ownership changes, you can manage group owners centrally instead of updating individual configurations manually. A group can have a maximum of 10 owners. Group owners can modify attributes such as the group name and description.

To manage users' access to a group, an owner must meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be assigned as a group owner.

  2. They must have a standard role or group management permissions.

For Access Certifications, you can use group owners as a reviewer type in a campaign. See Create campaigns.

For Access Requests, you can assign tasks within a Request Type to group owners. Group Ownership helps you simplify Request Type creation. You can create a single Request Type instead of multiple Request Types when you need to reference groups with different group owners as approvers. The system automatically sends the request to the appropriate group owner for approval. See Create a request type.