Identity Governance release notes

Release: 2023.01.2


Access Requests
  • Some requests didn't resolve automatically when access was granted to two apps or groups at the same time.

  • Some task approvers couldn’t take action from the email notification because the email didn’t contain the Open Tasks section.

  • Sometimes second-level approvers didn’t receive a Slack notification when a request was assigned to them.

Release: 2023.01.1

Features and enhancements

Access Requests
  • Remove Request Action menu

    Admins can no longer manually overwrite the original request using the Request Action menu in the header panel.

Release: 2023.01.0

Features and enhancements

Access Certifications
  • UI Enhancements

    For Access Certifications campaigns, the user, group, and app dropdown menus now display an icon next to each selection. In addition, the group dropdown menu now displays the number of assigned users and apps, and the app dropdown menu now displays the app status and the app ID.

    Since a user, group, or an app name isn't always unique, this enhancement provides more context to you for the resources you select. As well, these enhancements allow you to configure campaigns for the correct users, groups, and apps.

  • Additional reviewer type options available in Preview environment

  • While creating or editing an Access Certification campaign, now you can select one of the following options from the Select reviewer type dropdown menu.

    • A specific user

    • User's manager

    • Group

    • Group owner
    • Define using Okta Expression Language

    This feature allows you to select a Group and Group owner as reviewer types. As a result, you can take the following actions:

    • Assign reviews to multiple users at the same time to make review decisions when you have multiple application owners or a reviewer might be out of office.

    • Leverage the same Okta group that you use in Access Requests in Access Certifications as well. This also minimizes the need to manually update reviewers in campaigns when the reviewers change.

    See Reviewer.

Access Requests
  • View user's email address

    When adding users to a team, you can now view a user’s email address in addition to their name in the Add team members dialog. This allows you to pick the correct user when you have multiple users with the same name.

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