Configure Proxies

If required, the RADIUS agent can be configured to use a proxy.

To configure RADIUS agent proxy settings:

Changes to the RADIUS Agent are only loaded on agent restart.

Always restart your agent after making your changes.

  1. Open /opt/okta/ragent/user/config/radius/ in an editor.
  2. Make any required changes.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Changes are effective after you restart the Okta RADIUS Agent service. See Manage the agent for details on how to restart the service.
  5. Property Description Default
    ragent.proxy.enabled Indicates that the RADIUS agent should use a proxy. Must be set to true.

    Example: ragent.proxy.enabled = true.

    Not present - this property must be added to
    ragent.proxy.address The IP address and port, if required, of the proxy. If ragent.proxy.enabled is set to true, this property must exist.


    ragent.proxy.address =

    Not present; this property must be added to

    ragent.ssl.pinning If the proxy terminates the SSL connection, then SSL pinning must be disabled.


    ragent.ssl.pinning = false



    Proxy credentials, if required. Encrypted on agent restart.

    ragent.proxy.user = adminragent.proxy.password = password

    Not present; this property must be added to