Download Okta Android apps from the Admin Console

Okta provides a way to access Okta Verify and Okta Mobile Android installation software (APK files) on networks that block the traffic to Google servers. As an admin, you can download the APK files from the Admin Console and distribute them to your users.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to SettingsDownloadsEnd User AppsMobile Apps.
  2. Download the APK file for Okta Verify or Okta Mobile for Android.
  3. Distribute the file to your users.

    Users must configure their devices to allow applications to be installed from other sources than Google Play Store.

Although the APK file allows users to install the app without accessing Google Play Store, several features of Okta Verify or Okta Mobile work only if the device connects to Google servers. For example, since connections to Google are restricted in China, users might not be able to enroll in Okta Verify or Okta Mobile unless they use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is not only required for enrollment, but also for authentication with Okta Verify push notifications. Without VPN, even if the account creation succeeds, users must open the Okta Verify app each time they expect to receive a push notification.

Okta strongly discourages off-market distribution of Okta Verify and Okta Mobile. Okta recommends that you install the apps from Google Play. Use the APK files from the Downloads page only when the Google Play store is unavailable.