Regulatory compliance

Regulations vary depending on the originating or receiving country. For example, a recent regulatory change in Malaysia requires that all SMS messages sent to Malaysian phone numbers include branding information such as the company name in the message content. If you have configured policies with authentication or password recovery that use SMS messages, you must customize the SMS text sent to phone numbers in Malaysia to prevent the messages from being blocked.

The steps for complying with regulations imposed by different countries depend on the specific regulatory requirements. For example, you can comply with the branding requirements for SMS messages by changing the default SMS text that is sent to your users. See Customize an SMS message.

If you customize or localize the SMS message template, be aware that the character set you use affects the maximum number of characters allowed, how the resulting messages are delivered, and the costs incurred if a message exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed for a single message. For more information about character set limitations and how the character set used affects message delivery, see Character set limitations in Customize SMS message templates

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