Troubleshooting Group Push

The most important concept to understand in pushing groups is that pushed groups are managed from Okta. Making changes from the target app causes a misalignment with Okta and creates several problems. Some can be diagnosed through the Errors page, while others may not.

When an error occurs, alerts display a red error panel and menu of possible issues.

  • The red Information button displays the "time of failure" details and the probable cause.
  • The Retry All Groups button allows you to simultaneously repush the groups after making corrections.

Users shown as inactive in Okta aren't pushed to the downstream app. Inactive users must be reactivated and then the group repushed. If the inactive user is part of more than one group, they must be repushed to all groups in which they're members.

Groups appear in the target app without their users

If you have successfully pushed a group to the target app but the assigned group members don't appear, verify that one of the following is true:

  • The target app has been added to the new group.
  • All group members of the new group are assigned to the target app (even if the group itself wasn't yet assigned).
  • All group members appear as users in the target app.
  • The group you pushed isn't the same one you used to assign and provision users to the app.

If some group members are assigned to the target app and others aren't, only successfully assigned members appear in the target app.

Removed users still appear in target app groups

Verify that the group you pushed isn't the same one you used to assign and provision users to the app. Using the same Okta group for assignments and for group push isn't currently supported.

A group has been deleted directly from the target app

To recover, you must delete the pushed group and reinstate the target app memberships.

  1. Click the Active / Inactive status button and choose Delete pushed group in app.
  2. Choose the Leave the group in the target app option.
  3. Run an import from the target app.
  4. Retry the push.