App integrations

Okta app integrations are configured connections between Okta features and external applications that provide a service. App integrations are either pre-built or can be created by admins or developers to provide users seamless access to their assigned apps.

Get started with app integrations
Learn about app integration features and concepts.
Learn about app integrations
Learn about Single Sign-On (SSO), supported SSO protocols, and how to use SCIM for provisioning.
Add existing app integrations
Add existing app integrations to an Okta org.
Create custom app integrations
Create an app integration to connect Okta to a SAML, OIDC, or Secure Web Authentication (SWA) application.
Assign app integrations
Assign app integrations to users and groups.
Integration guides
Follow guides to complete app integrations.
API Service Integrations
Learn about API Service Integrations.