Change the Okta Active Directory agent user

Change the Okta Active Directory (AD) agent username when responsibility for managing the agent changes.

This procedure applies to Okta AD agent version 3.5.9 or earlier. If you’re using Okta AD agent version 3.6.0 or later, uninstall and then reinstall the Okta AD agent. See Update the Okta Active Directory agent.

  1. Sign in to the server running the Okta AD agent.
  2. From the Start menu, enter run, then enter services.msc.
  3. Locate the Okta AD Agent Service.
  4. Right-click Okta AD Agent Service and select Properties.
  5. Select the Log On tab and change the account credentials.
  6. Restart the service.
  7. Sign in to the Okta Admin Console, click Dashboard, and confirm that the circle next to the agent name is green.