Schedule agent auto-updates

Early Access release. See Enable self-service features.

Schedule agent auto-updates to occur outside of standard business hours and reduce disruption to your users.

To create an agent auto-update schedule, install a minimum of two operational agents on the directory instance you're updating. To be considered operational, the Active Directory (AD) agent must have a stable connection to Okta servers (the AD agent is sending requests to the Okta server at regular intervals). Also, the AD agent must have a valid configuration and must be integrated with the on-premises AD server. This requirement helps avoid service disruptions to your users.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to DirectoryDirectory Integrations.
  2. Click an AD instance.
  3. Click the Agents tab.
  4. Select Update agentsManage auto-updates.
  5. Click Add Schedule.
  6. Complete these fields:
    • Name: Enter a meaningful name for the agent auto-update schedule.
    • When a new version is available, allow agent auto-updates on: Select a day and the start and end time for the time period during which agent auto-updates are allowed.
    • Time zone: Select the time zone where the agent auto-update occurs.
    • Add optional delay: Optional. Select the delay period for the agent auto-update.
    • Email super admins status updates for this agent auto-update schedule: Optional. Select this checkbox to send super admins notifications when agent auto-updates change status.
    • Select agents to include in this auto-update: Select the agents to include in the auto-update schedule. An agent can only be assigned to a single auto-update schedule at a time.
  7. Click Save.