Reconfigure an Okta LDAP Agent

To change an Okta LDAP Agent configuration, choose the appropriate method for your platform.


Uninstall and then reinstall the agent, and then specify new configuration settings during setup. See Uninstall or reinstall the Okta LDAP agent.


  1. Open a command prompt and use this command to run an update script: /opt/Okta/OktaLDAPAgent/scripts/
  1. Issue any of the following commands:
Command Definition Example
[-b] ldap.dn.base NewBaseDN
[-a] ldap.admin.dn NewLDAPAdminDN
[-w] ldap.admin.password NewLDAPPassword
[-h] NewLDAPHost
[-p] ldap.port NewLDAPPort

You can combine parameters. For example:

/opt/Okta/OktaLDAPAgent/scripts/ -h -p 389