Copy campaigns

Copy an existing campaign to create a campaign with the original campaign’s configuration and also assign yourself as the campaign owner. When you copy a campaign, Access Certifications automatically removes all users and resources that were deleted from Okta from the new campaign’s scope.

Copying an active or closed recurring campaign only duplicates that instance of the campaign and not the campaign series.

Before you begin

  • Sign in as a super admin or access certifications admin.

  • Check that you have a scheduled, active, or a closed campaign.

  • See Best practices for creating campaigns.

Start this task

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Identity GovernanceAccess Certifications.
  2. Go to the Active, Scheduled, or Closed tab and select the campaign that you want to copy.

  3. Open the Actions dropdown menu and select Duplicate.

  4. Configure your requirements in the wizard. The configuration for Users and Resources pages varies depending on your campaign type.

    Resource campaigns

    1. General settings

    2. Resource settings

    3. User settings User settings

    4. Reviewer settings

    5. Remediation settings

    User campaigns

    1. General settings

    2. User settings

    3. Resource settings

    4. Reviewer settings

    5. Remediation settings

  5. Click Schedule campaign.

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