Entitlement Management

Entitlement Management offers you a simple and a powerful way to ensure that users in an organization have the right permissions for each resource. The feature is integrated with Access Requests and Access Certifications to help you manage and monitor users' access to resources. You can also manage their level of access within these resources and how the access was granted from the Admin Console. Use Entitlement Management to help meet your audit and compliance requirements.

With Entitlement Management, you can create, store, and manage your application entitlements in Okta. Assign entitlements using policy or individually from the Admin Console. This reduces the accumulation of elevated user privileges. It also simplifies your Universal Directory setup because you don't need to use groups to govern users' application entitlements.

Group your entitlements into bundles for your users to request them through self-service Access Requests. The requests are automatically routed to one or more approvers for action. This improves efficiency for your IT teams. Use Access Certifications campaigns along with Entitlement Management to audit and review user entitlements.

You can also get User entitlements, Past access requests, Past campaign details, and Past campaign summary reports.

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