View user entitlements

View the assigned entitlements, the entitlement assignment method, and other details for a user.

Before you begin

  • Sign in as a super admin, an app admin, or an admin with the following permissions:

    • Manage applications

    • Edit application's user assignments

    • Edit groups' application assignments or Edit users' application assignments

  • Ensure that you're assigned to the Okta Entitlement Management application.

  • Check that you've enabled Governance Engine for the app and created entitlements.

  • Ensure that the application is assigned to the user.

Start this task

  1. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.
  2. Select an app.

  3. Go to the Assignments tab.

  1. Select the People or Users filter to view users assigned to the app.
  2. From the options menu for a user, select View entitlements or View access details to view the assigned entitlements. You can also view the entitlement assignment method, access expiration of the entitlements, access expiration of the app, and other details. Okta revokes the user’s access to the app on the Expiration date listed in the General section of the Access details panel. You can modify this date. See Manage user entitlements.

    Access expiration details are available for users only if you’ve enabled the Access requests conditions and Resource catalog feature.

  3. Optional. Click Reevaluate entitlements if you think the user should have different entitlements than the ones currently displayed.

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