Past Access Requests (Conditions) report

Use this report to view who requested access to resources through a request condition. See Access request conditions .

Before you begin

  • Sign in as a super admin, org admin, read-only admin, mobile admin, or reports admin.
  • Disable your browser’s pop-up blocker.

Get the report

  1. In the Admin Console, go to ReportsReports.
  2. In the Entitlements and Access section, click Past Access Requests (Conditions).
  1. Click Edit Filters.
  1. Select one of the following fields, choose an operator, and then enter an appropriate value:
Field Value
Resource Name Select one or more resources to include or exclude.
Access Scope Select the access level granted to the user.
Access Scope Type Select the identifier of the access level granted to the user.
Requested Select the date that the request was submitted.
Approver Name Select one or more approvers to include or exclude.

Approver Decided

Select a date if the operator is before or after.
Approver Decision Select Approved, Denied, or both. You can also choose an Operator to return records where the decision is set or is not set.
Requested For Select one or more users who were granted access.
Status Update Select the date that the status was last changed.
Time to Resolved Enter or select a whole number of hours.
Time Bounded Select true or false to indicate whether a deadline was set for the request.
Revocation Scheduled Select the date that access to the resource ends.
Revoked Select the date that access to the resource ended.
Revocation Status Select the status of access removal.
Status Select the status of the request.
  1. Optional. Click Add Filter to add more filters, or click X to remove a filter.
  2. Click Apply to view the report.
To download the report, click CSV Export.

The source data for this report is refreshed periodically throughout the day. A change that has occurred since the last refresh may not be reflected yet. Okta stores this data for three years and then removes it automatically. See Customer data retention policy.

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