Test user login process

Once configured, testing ensures proper functioning of the Epic Hyperdrive integration.

Each Okta user account to be used by EPIC Hyperdrive for MFA, has to match an EPIC user account.

For example, the Okta account JohnSmith@okta.com must correspond to a similarly named account (such as JohnSmith) in EPIC Hyperdrive.

  1. Within the EPIC Hyperdrive Okta app, configure the Okta account format to match the EPIC account credential.
  2. Define the username format within the EPIC Hyperdrive app within Okta.

  3. Ensure your Okta defined user has already authenticated into Okta and enrolled into the MFA factor to be used. If omitted, the EPIC MFA process will fail with no message. Once completed, the user can log out of Okta.
  4. Log into EPIC Hyperdrive with the test user account and request a prescription be processed. Depending upon the EPIC configuration a password will be requested and then the Okta Factor challenge will be displayed. On error review the troubleshooting steps.