Configure MFA Factor enrollment in Okta

  1. Specify authentication:

    This task can be ignored if multifactor enrollment was previously configured.

    1. In the Admin Console, go to SecurityMultifactor.
    2. Select the Factor Types tab.
    3. Select a factor and then select Activate from the dropdown.
    4. See also MFA.

  2. Add and configure the Oracle Access Manager MFA application
    1. Navigate to ApplicationsApplications, then click Add Application.
    2. Search for the Oracle Access Manager (OAM) MFA application, then click Add.

    3. Enter an appropriate Application Label and the Redirect URI.

      Note: The RedirectURL should be set to the page that your test application redirects to for login.

      StandaloneThe host:portcombination for your OAM server.
      For example: http://oam-server.mydomain:14100
      ClusterThe host:port of the enterprise load balancer in front of your OAM servers
      For example: http://oam-lb.mydomain:7777
    4. Select the Sign On tab and note the Client ID and Client Secret.

    5. Select the Assignments tab and click either AssignAssign to People or AssignAssign to Groups as appropriate.
      Note: The user must also be assigned to the application.

    6. Select the SettingsCustomization.

      Scroll to iFrame Embedding, click Edit, and check Allow IFrame embedding.

    7. Click Done when complete.