Configure MFA Factor enrollment in Okta

  1. Specify authentication:

    This task can be ignored if multifactor enrollment was previously configured.

    1. In the Admin Console, go to SecurityMultifactor.
    2. Select the Factor Types tab.
    3. Activate a factor by selecting it and choosing Activate from the dropdown list.
    4. See also MFA.

  2. Add and configure the Oracle Access Manager MFA application
    1. Navigate to Applications > Applications, then click Add Application.
    2. Search for the Oracle Access Manager (OAM) MFA application, then click Add.

    3. Enter an appropriate Application Label and the Redirect URI.

      Note: The RedirectURL should be set to the page that your test application redirects to for login.

      StandaloneThe host:portcombination for your OAM server.
      For example: http://oam-server.mydomain:14100
      ClusterThe host:port of the enterprise load balancer in front of your OAM servers
      For example: http://oam-lb.mydomain:7777
    4. Select the Sign On tab and note the Client ID and Client Secret.

    5. Select the Assignments tab and click either Assign > Assign to People or Assign > Assign to Groups as appropriate.
      Note: The user must also be assigned to the application.

    6. Select the Settings > Customization.

      Scroll to iFrame Embedding, click Edit, and check Allow IFrame embedding.

    7. Click Done when complete.