Enable SSL on OAM servers

[Optional] During this task we will use the WebLogic Server console to enable SSL (HTTPS) on OAM servers.

To enable SSL options for OAM servers:

  1. Login to the WebLogic Server Administration Console.
  2. In the Domain Structure pane expand DomainName > Environment > Servers.
  3. Select a server.
  4. In Change Center, click Lock & Edit.

    If the WebLogic Server Console preference Automatically Acquire Lock and Activate changes is not set then you will not need to click Lock & Edit.

  5. Select Configuration > SSL
  6. Expand the Advanced section.
  7. From Hostname Verification select None.
  8. Check Use JSSE SSL.
  9. Click Save.
  10. In Change Center click Activate Changes.
  11. Restart the server instance.

Next steps

[Optionally] Enable SSL on OAM servers